T. W. Embry


It is by a strange twist of fate that I am a published author. I was in culinary school doing an essay for the English portion of my AA degree. After finishing the assignment in less than 20 minutes and far faster than any of my classmates, the professor looked at my work, then he asked me a question I will never forget. "How many books have you written?" I remember thinking: I am going to be a chef, why would I write a book? I had forgotten the young boy who used to write ghost stories to scare his grandmother. After several failed attemps at being a chef, I met an author who was giving a lecture at the local library. I remember thinking that would be a cool thing to do. That very night I remembered the words of Professor Wolfson in culinary school: "How many books have you written?" So I sat down at the computer and started what would become Revenge from Mars, my first novel. That was 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since.

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"This Thursday, Bobbi and I welcomed Science Fiction writer Todd Embry to the Writer's Block. We had a fascinating conversation with Todd about his myriad professions ultimately driving him to get serious about writing, and writing Science Fiction in particular. Todd is also a short story author and a poet...oh yea, he's also a graduate with honors from Le Cordon Bleu Academe'. An interesting fellow and one we will not soon forget. Thanks Todd!"

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New Beginnings

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