Story Writing Competition


The judges for the competition are Veronica Castle, Lynne North and Clive West. Carly McCracken, proprietor of Crimson Cloak will be keeping track of the lists, without judges knowing which story belongs to who.
* Veronica is the chief editor of Crimson Cloak Publishing and loves stories with a good solid structure to them.
* Lynne North is an author of several books and Marketing Manager of Crimson Cloak Publishing.
* Clive is a busy commercial writer as well as author of a number of books including the blockbuster white-collar crime story, The Road.

First Prize - $150 (this will be increased if there are a high number of entries so watch this space)
Second Prize - $100
Third Prize - $50
Runner Ups - Free entry into the next competition

Competition opening date - Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Competition closing date - Tuesday, January 31st, 2017
Lower word limit (minimum) - 1,500
Upper word limit (maximum) - 3,000
Entries are welcome from all countries but must be written in English.

Please look carefully at the picture - there are several key features which stand out, these being:
   The hooded rider
   The horse with red eyes
   The body hanging from the gibbet
   The castle with its single tower                                            
   The high mountain in the background
   The lake, sea, loch, or fjord (etc)

Image courtesy of Canstockphoto

We expect you to bring all of them into play although the scene depicted by the image may occur at the beginning, in the middle or at the conclusion of your story - that's entirely up to you.
If you've never written anything in the fantasy genre before, please don't let that put you off. A fresh perspective may be just what will catch the judges' attention.

The entrance fee is $10, payable by going here. Make a careful note of the transaction ID that you will receive (this happens automatically although it may take a few minutes for it to arrive in your email account).


  • You must go to HEREand purchase your Competition Entry. 
  • Once you have successfully purchased it, please come back to this form and enter the ORDER NUMBER below in the space provided and then click SUBMIT. 
  • Any entries WITHOUT this Number will be automatically disqualified and there will be NO refunds.
  • Then e-mail your story with the Order Number and the name of your story as the FILE NAME to Carly
  • Any files received without the Order Number in the FILE NAME or below will NOT receive a refund, and they WILL be disqualified as we will not be able to match them up for verification.
  • If you give us your phone number, you agree to be contacted about this Competition ONLY.  We will use it no other time, ever, unless you give us separate permission to do so, and we WILL NOT ask you to buy anything when we call.  We do not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your phone number or e-mail address given below.

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