Rick Stepp-Bolling

Rick's PATCHMAN Fantasy series will be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

Rick Stepp-Bolling is a retired professor of writing from Mt San Antonio College. Currently, he is the Education Director of the Coffee House Writers Group, a golfer and a full time writer. He has two books published: SMOKE AND MIRRORS (a book of poetry) and AUTOCIDE (a collection of short stories). He has finished a fantasy trilogy, PATCH MAN which will soon be published. Rick lives in San Dimas, California with his wife, Francie, and their family of over a hundred rescue animals.




Also by this author:

Poetry: Published by


Dirty Dog Press

Statement Magazine (published by CSULA)

Rostrum (published by CCC Academic Senate)

Nuvein on-line magazine

A variety of other small press magazines that I have since forgotten


Short Stories: Published by



“Fire and Ice”

“The Sorcerer”

“Simon Says”


Nuvein on-line magazine



SMOKE AND MIRRORS  by Nuvein Press 2009

AUTOCIDE by Claremont Village Press 2014




BEGGARS CROSSING by Coffee House Writers Group 2013

DARKNESS BREWING by Coffee House Writers Group 2015




Urban Ocean Festival (Sponsored by Aquarium of the Pacific) First Place: 2011, 2012.

Whittier Poetry Contest: First Place, 2011

is a compilation  of the prizewinning and best runner-up stories of 1500-3000 words, based around a stock picture, that were entered in the 2016 Crimson Cloak Publishing short story writing competition.

Rick's story
GRAY RIDERS relates the rescue of bonded riders and their horses from the castle where the evil king seeks to break their "perverted" bond ..