Nkosi Ife Bandele


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Nkosi Ife Bandele has written screenplays and has three novels completed.  He lives in New York City. He works as an adjunct professor at several New York City universities teaching academic writing and the occasional literature course.  
His first novel, The Ape is Dead!, is published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. 

The story of a young black student's journey towards true love.
Insightful and funny, an excellent read.

"Soup" doesn’t wanna be a “soft brother” hooked up with a white girl, but damn his white girlfriend is cool, and fine! His so-called liberal college is politicized to the extreme, with a variety of interested parties insisting that he color-coordinate-date, and so he punks out and dumps his girl, and in the process learns about love, life, and the choices we make.


An excerpt from his novel The Ape is Dead! is featured on the cover of Hobart Magazine, http://www.hobartpulp.com/preview/web_features/huff-and-puff. Excerpts also appear in Crescendo City and great weather for MEDIA’s “It’s Animal but Merciful.” 

Excerpts from his unpublished novel Scott Free are featured in Moonshot magazine’s issue #5 “ritornello” and currently in Akashic Books’ THURSDAZE flash fiction series,  http://www.akashicbooks.com/if-you-leave-a-twenty-and-a-crackhead-alone-in-your-room-its-your-own-damn-fault-by-eshu-bandele/.


The Ignored and the Despised,
excerpt published in , volume 3 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies.


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