Esma Race

Esma Race was born and raised in the small Cheshire village of Weaverham.  She has a great love for the natural world, and has always been able to sense the nature spirits which feature in her stories.  She is very interested in natural healing, and is a practising reflexologist in the North of England, where she now lives with Geoff, her husband of 45 years.  She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and enjoys reading, walking, travelling, gardening, and English history. 

The Enchanted World of Bracken Lea Wood (book 2 in the Bracken Lea series), in preparation for Crimson Cloak Publishing

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest children's coloring page
The Magic World of Bracken Lea children's coloring page
Magic World of Bracken Lea bookmarks
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 1
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 2
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 3
Treasure Chest bookmarks
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini-notebook (to make from one sheet of A4 paper)
Steps In Time bookmarks
Steps in Time wordsearch puzzle
Love Matters bookmarks
Consuming Tales bookmarks
Santa's Little Helpers children's coloring page
Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks
New Beginnings wordsearch puzzle
Free Wordsearch puzzle for Crimson Timelines

Esma's story Horrid Rex at the North Pole appears in volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies Santa's Little Helpers

This book is available in two print versions: a luxury full colour edition, as well as more reasonably priced  in black and white:

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 Children's illustrated series
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Short story The Eternal City in
Steps in Time, the second of the Crimson Cloak anthologies

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A Trio of Friends, short story in the fourth of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Consuming Tales
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Volume Three of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies is called "Love Matters". 

The charity chosen to benefit from any profit made will be the International Children's Heart Foundation.  The book is about LOVE in any form and contains sixteen pieces by fifteen authors ranging from an ode to a beloved dog to straightforward love stories.  There's even a  knitting pattern for a heart-shaped bag: try making some for Christmas tree decorations, as an unusual gift!

Find THE SEARCH in this book

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With a theme of rebirth and new beginnings, the sixth Crimson Cloak Anthology comprises seventeen donated items from sixteen authors and artists. Its sale will benefit the charity STOP IT NOW who work to stop sexual abuse of children and give families a new start.
Esma's story is called
A Soldier's Tale

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Who is the mysterious stranger with flaming red hair who helps a young man travelling to visit a long-lost relative after an accident?

A young firefighter's nightmares of burning prove to be linked to an ancient curse.

Two Crimson Short stories, sure to entertain.

A CRIMSON SHORT book, by Esma Race

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A Sea Tail
, short story in

 is a collection of donated mixed-genre short pieces having something to do with the sea/beach.  We have stories, poetry and pictures.
Cover design kindly donated by
Jessica Dorlac

This book will be sold in aid of The La Habra Citrus Fair

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Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.

Here is a mixed genre selection of tales reflecting life's mirror.

Murder mysteries, ghost and war stories, fantasy and contemporary, this collection of work from Crimson Cloak Publishing's talented stable of authors offers a variety of reads within the pages of one book.

You won't want it to end!

The Girl in the Blue Dress

A Meeting of Souls

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The Tattoo,
a short story in volume 1 of the Crimson Tales series,

A window in time helps a mother to keep her promise

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short story in volume 1 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies,

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest contains twelve charming short stories for children, collected by a gnome.

With fairy stories, 'dragons' and alligators, time-travelling children, a Firehouse Dog and a Pony which refuses to be ridden, there is something for everyone in this gem of a book.

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