Denna Holm

An expert horsewoman from Oregon, now retired from training and showing horses, Denna has now devoted her whole attention to her second passion, writing novels.
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Interview with Denna Holm

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Soul of a Warrior

A handsome blond stranger shows up at Kimi Wickerís place of work claiming to be her mate. But he also claims to be from another world. She does what any sane woman would do in her situation. She runs. Tagging along are her two best friends and a feisty tabby cat. No one could anticipate the second stranger showing up, one with a completely different agenda.


Kimi and her friends are abducted by the second man, a vampire, then tortured and abandoned on a hostile alien world. Given only the clothes on their back, they must now try to find a way back home again.


One man will do everything in his power to see Kimi and her friends are brought safely back home, even sacrifice his own life. The second man wants Kimi and her mate to suffer, alive, but forever out of reach of each other. Kimi and her friends must work together against astronomical odds for any hope of surviving this nightmare.

Five Star Goodreads Review:

With a vast array of alien creatures and extraterrestrial landscapes, mixed with several forms of space travel technologies, this is a must read for science fiction fans and anyone who enjoys cross genre writings. My compliments to the creative genius and visual delivery of this author.

Second Chance,
short story in volume 1 of the Crimson Tales series,
Crimson Timelines

Gillian had longed for years to see her lost daughter and husband again. Could her prayers have been answered?

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is a compilation  of the prizewinning and best runner-up stories of 1500-3000 words, based around a stock picture, that were entered in the 2016 Crimson Cloak Publishing short story writing competition.

Denna Holm's story SPIRIT RIDE, featured in this book, tied with two other stories for third prize and lost out only to a tie-breaker.  It is the story of a woman whose child has died: believing it is in retribution for a hit-and-run in her youth when she killed a toddler and kept quiet about it, in order to recover her own child she has sought redemption in vain.  Her last hope, the shaman she now consults, sends her on a wild spirit ride that sends her back in time to put things right ...

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